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Third Time in a Row


eureka 3.0

  • Gandhinagar, Gujarat
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About eUReka 3.0

Festival of Innovation

eUReka, An Annual Science and Start-up conclave is an initiative started by the students at the campus of Institute of Advanced Research (IAR), Gandhinagar in 2018, under the guidance and extensive support from eUReka mentors Dr. Alok Pandya and Dr. Geetika Saluja.
The event lays emphasis on nurturing STEM education through creating an environment of experimental and experiential learning. The events planned in the eUReka 3.0 encourages participation from class 8 school students till PhD scholars. Ideal learning always takes place from observing, expressing, competing and collaborating with all age groups.
eUReka team strives to provide a platform to engage students to learn and exhibit their STEM skills and ultimately establish connections between the Academic Skills - Work Skills - Life Skills and contribute to the global economy by bridging the gap between the acquaintances and the existing scenario of the industry. The conviction remains primitive but effective that; even a small idea or a concept first must be remembered, understood, applied, analysed and evaluated before it can be created.

  • Where

    Gandhinagar, Gujarat

  • When

Apply For Campus Amabassador

eUReka Campus Amabassador!

  • Awards as
    A trophy and a letter of appreciation for the Principal/Head of the college with the highest registration.
  • Awards as
    A trophy and a letter of appreciation for the college/school teacher with the highest registration from her/his class.
  • Awards of
    A trophy and a letter of appreciation for college/school ambassador who can influence maximum students for registration.
  • Separate Prizes for Atal Tinkering Lab Students

Drop Yours Ideas Here

eUReka Idea Box

    Welcome one, welcome all,
    To the eUReka 3.0 idea dropbox where originality, creativity and innovative spirits are embraced with open arms to nurture the bidding future leaders of our nation.
    Interested pupils are requested to show their creations in the field of
  • Agriculture
  • Pollution control
  • Increasing green cover Engineering
  • Economics
  • Trade and commerce
  • Daily life problems
  • Defence
  • Art and culture
  • Education and others

  • A special reward is arranged for the best 50 idea creators.

    The shortlisted Participants must register to eUReka Science and Start up conclave and need to be present in the program
    Registration for submission of idea is not mandatory.
    So roll up UR sleeves and get your creative side on!

Event Schedule plan

Event Schedule.

A formal discussion on a particular matter in a public meeting or in between an audience, in which opposing arguments are put forward and which usually ends with a vote, in which the participants will be participating in a team of two. One of the member of the team will be speaking for the motion and the other, against the motion.


Room no- , Institute Of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar

Test your knowledge of science facts and applications of scientific principles by taking our science super quiz.


Room no- , Institute Of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar

The Science Game Show This event is based upon testing the intelligence, physical skills and aptitude of the participants. Individual participation. simple indoor challenges will be given to the participants. (i.e. minute to win it challenges)


Room no- , Institute Of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar

1:00 pm to 2:00 pmLunch break

An event based on how organic food items can be made use of to prepare a healthy and appetizing dish. The participants have to use the maximum amount of organic ingredients and prepare and decorate their organic dish. There will be also allowed to sell your Dishes to the public at the event.


Room no- , Institute Of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar

The participants will have to solve 3 algorithmic challenges, within a 2 hours. The contest is hosted on CodeChef Platform.


Room no- , Institute Of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar

Participants get to showcase their photography skills. A theme will be shared with the contestants and they have to submit their photographs online based on it. A jury will be judging the photograph based on various given parameters and score the pictures accordingly.


Room no- , Institute Of Advanced Research, Gandhinagara

A gaming event, inspired from the streets of India, in which the players will be playing cricket with the general rules of gully cricket. This involves the concept of math and angles i.e. hitting the Ball in a specific interval of angles will earn runs to the player.


Room no- , Institute Of Advanced Research, Gandhinagara

1:00 pm to 2:00 pmLunch break
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Institute Of Advanced Research, Koba Institutional Area, Gandhinagar, Gujarat - India, 382 007

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